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Mongoose Jet-Perforating Frac System

The Mongoose Frac® System is the forerunner of the Multistage Unlimited Frac-Isolation System. It also isolates and stimulates multiple stages in a single trip on coiled tubing and is typically used where the hole is already cased or for casing sizes for which Multistage Unlimited sliding sleeves are not yet available.

Instead of sliding sleeves, the Mongoose system uses abrasive jet perforating at planned frac points. Jet perforating takes about 45 minutes per stage, compared to less than a minute to shift a Multistage Unlimited sliding sleeve. However, the Mongoose system is still more economical to use than multistage techniques that use ball-actuated sliding sleeves or pumpdown plugs for stage isolation.

This Mongoose Frac System works in both horizontal or vertical wellbores, either cemented or uncemented. Tool string depth is correlated to desired perforation depth using a mechanical casing collar locator. Starting with the lowest zone, the resettable bridge plug is actuated to seal the hole below the perforation point. Then a sand-laden fluid is pumped down the tubing to the perforating sub. The abrasive- fluid jets cut perforations in the casing and formation. After perforating, a leading-edge fluid such acid can be circulated or injected down the coiled tubing/casing annulus. Then the frac is also pumped down the annulus. If a screenout occurs, it can be quickly circulated out. Finally, a pull on the coiled tubing unseats the bridge plug, which is then moved up to the next perforation point, where the sequence is repeated.

Since its introduction, the Mongoose Frac System has compiled the following performance history:

  • more than 10,000 stages isolated and fractured
  • As many as 40 fracs in a single trip
  • 1.3 million lb of treating proppant pumped on a single trip
Mongoose Frac System Specifications
Casing Size
in (mm)
Casing weight,
lb/ft (kg/m)
Maximum OD
in (mm)
4 1/2 (114) 9.5-13.5 (14.14-20.09) 3.850 (97.8)
4 1/2 (114) 15.1 (22.47) 3.451 (87.6)
5 (127) 15.0-18.0 (22.32-26.78) 3.901 (99.1)
5 1/2 (140) 13.0-15.5 (19.34-23.06) 4.825 (122.6)
5 1/2 (140) 15.5-23.0 (23.06-34.22) 4.745 (120.5)
7 (178) 17.0-20.0 (25.30-29.76) 6.390 (162.3)
7 (178) 32.0-35.0 (47.62-52.10) 5.945 (151.0)
Maximum differential pressure rating: 8,500 psi (58.61 mPa)









Mongoose Frac System

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