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The Promise

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“The Promise” embodies who we are and what we do. It reflects a culture of ethics, hard work, growth, positive attitudes and teamwork through collaboration.


We will invest in our employees, our most important resource, by providing coaching and training that enables them to learn and grow to their full potential. Together, we will maintain a culture that promotes teamwork and an environment that is challenging, rewarding, and fun. We will listen to our employees, treat them with respect, and support them when they make decisions that are aligned with the promise.

Health, Safety and the Environment

We will provide leadership, tools, and training to empower our employees, customers and vendors to remain healthy and safe. We will integrate environmental stewardship into our business activities and respect the communities in which we operate.


We will treat our customers as partners and operate in a fair and honest manner. We will listen to our customers and set clear, common expectations, and respond with executional excellence.


We will deliver reservoir analysis, insights and technologies that support our customers’ development strategies and resource recovery objectives. We will develop technology and processes to drive improvements in our products and services.


We will continuously improve our processes and systems in order to strive to meet or exceed all applicable quality requirements.


We will treat our vendors as partners, stand by our commitments to them, and expect the same from them.


We will ethically and responsibly increase stakeholder value by focusing on innovation, sustainable growth, and strong financial performance.

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