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Optimize Your Completion Design

NCS Multistage offers innovative, patented fracturing systems for both single-point and multi-stage completions throughout the world.

NCS Multistage offers a systematic approach that allows you to make well-to-well comparisons with confidence and optimize a pinpoint completion design for any given field or formation.

We provide consistent, repeatable frac delivery in addition to measured downhole data that helps you to better understand the formation, the well, and the stimulation.

Unlike conventional methods, our pinpoint fracturing solutions enable you to know how many entry points are created, their precise location, and exactly how much proppant is placed into each stage.

One Provider. Many Solutions.

NCS Multistage offers a variety of solutions for your next frac job including sleeves, isolation assemblies, well strokers and refrac assemblies.
Innovus™ Frac Isolation Assembly

The Innovus™ Frac Isolation Assembly boasts more than 10,000 successful completions and is subject to continuous tool improvements.

Innovus™ Convertible Frac Sleeve

The Innovus™ Convertible Frac Sleeve features a dual inner barrel and can be converted post-frac or post-production for regulated water-injection using the Torius™ regulator.

Innovus™ SD Frac Sleeve

Innovus™ SD frac sleeves are the most economical sleeves in the Innovus™ system. They are used for completions with lower frac rates, proppant concentration and total tonnage.

Innovus™ HD Frac Sleeve

Innovus™ HD sleeves are longer than SD sleeves and used for stimulations that involve higher frac rates, concentrations of sand, and total tonnage.

Innovus™ Well Stroker

When Innovus™ Convertible sleeves are utilized in a wellbore, this is the BHA required to manipulate the injection barrel. This converts the sleeve into the regulated water-injection mode.

Proppex™ Frac Sleeve

The Proppex proppant exclusion sleeve prevents sand from flowing into the wellbore and shifts into a “screen” mode to prevent inflow as soon as simulation operations are completed.

  • Normal pinpoint fracture operations can be performed
  • Post frac, the FIA shifts a screen in front of the ports to prevent proppant flowback
Terrus™ Water Injection System

The Terrus™ system combines regulated injection sleeves with hydraulically actuated zone-isolation packers to improve efficiency of waterflooding and sweeping activities.

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