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The Disrupter®

The Disrupter® Casing Oscillation Tool

The Disrupter® exploits the negative energy of hole drag to reduce friction by up to 20% while simultaneously increasing casing running speed by 15%.

Need better running speeds and more total depth? NCS Multistage is an authorized distributor of The Disrupter® casing oscillation tool, designed and manufactured by Friction Tool Solutions.

The Disrupter® casing oscillation tool delivers repeatable operational performance by exploiting negative energies of hole drag by turning side contact force into applied casing oscillation. The Disrupter® composite casing centralizer reduces friction factors and generates effective solutions for all casing running applications and has been run in wells with bottom temperatures surpassing 390°F.

Disrupter® Benefits

  • Solid-body design manufactured with premium-grade resin
  • Able to withstand severe impact, wear, and high temperatures
  • Independent from all formation, completion and mud base types
  • Offset blade design navigates wellbore obstructions efficiently
  • Accomodates high DLS and whipstock applications
  • Subtle action mitigates wellbore damage in unstable formations
The Disrupter®

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