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Tracer Diagnostics

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Data-Driven Well Diagnostics

Tracer Diagnostics offers the most economic well diagnostics method in the industry and the only source of early-time completion analysis.

Well diagnostics services by Tracer Diagnostics provide data on well performance, accelerate learning, guide field decisions, enhance field operations and improve oil recovery.

Well diagnostics provides flow assurance and helps you to evaluate completion strategies and determine if or when a lateral is contributing to flow and if obstructions are present.

We can identify interwell communication and discover interference between wells and are ready to inform your well spacing decisions and identify your reservoir’s key features.

One Source. Many Solutions.

NCS offers a wide variety of solutions for your next tracing job including oil-soluble tracers, liquid water tracers, RA tracers, nano tracers and data analysis.
OST® Particulate Oil-Soluble Tracer Service
  • Identifies liquid hydrocarbon production
  • Deployed as particulates that become embedded in propped fractures
  • Enables monitoring of oil production longer than conventional liquid
  • Avoids potential false positives from pressure driven liquid oil production
WST® Particulate Water-Soluble Tracer Service
  • Identifies water inflow contribution and interwell propped communication
  • Developed to provide long-term water production data
  • Superior longevity in high-water cut formations
  • Can be used in conjunction with FFI tracers in dry gas reservoirs to identify overlapping SRV
  • Easily deployed in a self-serve operation for flow assurance
  • Not susceptible to freezing during self-serve operations
  • Complimentary to OST when trying to understand WOR
FFI™ Liquid Water Tracer Service
  • Pumped from pad to flush of the fracture treatment
  • Confirms frac fluid recovery and hydraulic communication
  • Detects frac fluid entering offset wellbores during infill completions
  • Deployed in waterflood or injection tests to evaluate sweep efficiency or breakthrough
RGT™ Reservoir Gas Tracer Service
  • Pumped from pad to flush of the fracture treatment
  • Pumped as a liquid that vaporizes under reservoir conditions
  • Can be detected at extremely low concentrations
  • Provides qualitative gas production profiles
  • Identifies drainage radius in gas reservoirs.
RAM Tracer Service
  • Deployed with the proppant
  • Helps identify perf cluster efficiencies and and behind wellbore cement integrity
  • Also helps identify stage isolation, stage containment, diversion, and plug failures
  • Utilizes radioisotope (RA) tracers : Iridium (IR-192), Scandium (SC-46), and Antimony(SB-124)
  • Logged with 1.6875 inch Spectral Gamma Ray memory tool, deployed in casing or tubing
  • Logging tool conveyance methods include Coiled Tubing, E-Line wireline, or Slickline
Sample Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Reporting for all projects is done using TIBCO Spotfire® software
  • Reports are updated on a regular basis by a team of engineers
  • Interpretation summaries provided with each data update
  • Uses high-resolution liquid or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
  • Detects presence of tracers at concentrations as low as parts-per-trillion
  • Processes include additional samples to ensure quality control of data
  • Can integrate customer supplied data sets to enhance visual data
FirstView™ Data Modeling and Visualization

The FirstView™ application provides interactive, animated, 3D visualization of chemical tracer recovery and well-to-well fluid communication.

  • A visualization platform targeted at data consolidation
  • Displays stage numbers, tracer concentrations, and other information
  • Allows uploading of RA logs as well as frac summary information
  • Enables you to clearly see what is happening in your frac formations
Accurate Reservoir Data with Actionable Results.

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