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Innovus™ FIA

Innovus™ Frac Isolation Assembly

Innovus™ FIA
More than 10,000 successful completions.

The Innovus™ Frac Isolation Assembly boasts more than 10,000 successful completions and is subject to continuous tool improvements.

Product Features:

  • Designed to locate and operate Innovus™ frac sleeves
  • The most advanced system in the world
  • Multiple world record holder in its category
  • Deployed on coiled tubing or a jointed pipe
  • Streamlined profile for fast travel through the wellbore
  • Offers higher injection rates and longer tool life
  • Accommodates frac rates up to 80 bbl/min (12.7 m3/min)
  • Hardened erosion-resistant surfaces extend service life
  • Recessed pocket slips protected during wellbore travel
  • Circulation capability enables fast recovery from screen-outs
  • Dependable all-mechanical operation
  • Proprietary extreme-service isolation packer seal.
  • Robust EQ valve equalizes differential pressure
  • Prevents damage to the packer seal
  • Innovative locate regulator ensures consistent sleeve locate
  • Releases forces and uniform signature for operational certainty

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