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GoPort™ Toe Sleeves

GoPort™ Interventionless Functionality

GoPort™ Toe Sleeves
NCS Multistage pressure activated GoPort™ Toe Sleeves are a simple, sure way to achieve initial formation access for any completion.

Two versions of the GoPort™  toe sleeve are available. GoPort™ PA (pressure actuated) and the GoPort™ PAT (pressure activated testable) that uses a ball seat to enable casing pressure testing to 100% with a dissolvable ball. Both version are self-shifting without intervention at a preset pressure. After the sleeve opens, you can perform a diagnostic fracture injection testing (DFIT), flush the wellbore to avoid a cleanout run, pump perforating guns, plugs and other tools to the toe, or execute a first-stage fracture.

Product Features:

  • Eliminate the need for a tubing-conveyed perforating run
  • Work with all sleeve-type or plug-and-perf completions
  • Full ID with no restrictions and slim OD for easy run-in
  • Large / unrestricted flow port area upon opening
  • Compatible with cemented or open-hole completions
  • Compatible with high-density cement
  • Does not interfere with cementing operations
  • Mandrel design matches or exceeds casing string yield and torque ratings
GoPort™ Toe Sleeves

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