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Innovus™ Toe Sleeves

Innovus Pressure-Actuated Toe Sleeves

Innovus™ Toe Sleeves
Innovus™ Pressure-Actuated Toe Sleeves open with pressure, close with coiled tubing, and help to achieve initial formation access for multistage completions.

Opens with pressure, closes with coiled tubing. The Multistage Unlimited® PACT toe sleeve is a simple, sure way to achieve initial formation access for multistage completions. The toe sleeves can also be re-closed later using a coiled-tubing-deployed tool. The sleeve is opened by increasing pressure to the specified level, after which the sleeve shifts open. You can then perform a prefrac injection fall-off test, flush the wellbore to facilitate pumping completion tools to the toe, or simply execute the first-stage fracture.

Toe Sleeve Features:

  • Run and cemented as part of the casing string
  • Sleeve can be re-closed using a coiled-tubing-deployed tool
  • Requires a bottom sleeve-locator sub
  • Works with all sleeve-type or plug-and-perf completions
  • Compatible with cemented or openhole completions
  • Compatible with high-density cement
  • Eliminates the need for a tubing conveyed perforating run
  • Does not interfere with cementing operations
  • Mandrel design matches or exceeds
Innovus™ Toe Sleeves

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