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Innovus™ Convertible

Innovus™ Convertible Frac Sleeve

Innovus™ Convertible
Gain Maximum Flow Control.

The Innovus™ Convertible Frac Sleeve features a dual inner barrel and can be converted post-frac or post-production for regulated water-injection using the Torius™ regulator.

Product Features:

  • Special-purpose sleeve with a dual inner barrel
  • Can be deployed in cemented or open hole applications
  • Injection regulated by a calibrated tortuous flow path
  • Deployed on coiled tubing or jointed pipe
  • No pumpdown plugs or balls required
  • No drillouts needed
  • Supports frac rates up to 80 bbl/min
  • Sleeve make-up length is 40 in (101.6 cm) or less
  • Allows frac-port spacing as close as 15 ft (4.6 m)
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • No pup joints required for API
  • No pup joints needed for standard BTC or LTC thread types
  • Sleeves can be torqued through
  • Sleeves can be installed in any order
  • Proven for stage-by-stage wellbore management
  • Optional Shift-Frac-Close® sequence stops flowback after stimulation
  • Operated by the Innovus™ frac-isolation assembly

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