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Casing Centralizers

Casing Centralizers Protect Your Wellbore

Centralizers are crucial in today’s well designs.

Casing Centralizers are crucial in today’s well designs. If the casing is not centered within the wellbore, you risk leaving behind contaminated drilling fluid or cement with an imperfect seal. NCS has a variety of casing centralizers available for all of your current and upcoming well construction projects. We carry solid body, bow spring, stop collars, and The Disrupter® composite casing centralizer.

Solid Body

Solid Body

  • Suitable for vertical, deviated and horizontal well sections
  • Straight, right or left hand configurations
  • Hollow or solid blade options
  • Casing size range: 2.38” – 16.00”
  • Centralizer OD’s specified for open hole size
Bow String

Bow Spring

  • Welded & non-weld designs for standard applications
  • One-piece, high performance option
  • Excellent casing standoff for cement placement
  • Bow design reduces drag during run in
  • OD’s specified for open hole size
  • Casing size range: 2.38” – 20.00”
Stop Collar

Stop Collars

  • Available in various sizes, designs and materials
  • Can be ordered in slip on or hinged type
  • Can be ordered with or without set screws
  • Casing size range: 2.38” – 20.00”
The Disrupter®

The Disrupter® 

  • Reduces drag force with a subtle and effective oscillation motion
  • Delivers major hook load improvements
  • Provides higher trip speed averages and navigates high DLS with ease
  • Minimizes axial load force & buckling potential
  • Provides excellent mud displacement prior to cementing
  • Minimizes ECD’s at total depth
Casing Centralizers

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