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Well Construction

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Bring Your Wellbore to Life.

Our team of engineers and wellbore specialists will assist you in determining the products and wellbore design that will suit your needs and keep your project on budget.

Your well will be constructed using the latest tools and technologies and will be equipped with multiple contingencies in place to maintain production when challenges or difficulties arise.

Because at NCS Multistage, well construction means integrating processes, people, technology, activities, and providing best-in-class solutions that allow for plan flexibility.

One Provider. Many Solutions.

NCS Multistage offers a variety of solutions for your next well construction job including casing buoyancy, toe sleeves, liner hangers, centralizers, and float equipment.
AirLock® G Casing Buoyancy System

The AirLock G Casing Buoyancy System offers the same reliability and functionality of our original AirLock casing buoyancy system but uses a high-strength glass disk pressure seal that shatters and diffuses into the well fluid leaving a full-drift ID.

AirLock® Casing Buoyancy System

The AirLock Casing Buoyancy System significantly reduces casing running time, cost, and risk without intervention or interference with casing and cementing operations.

GoPort™ Interventionless Toe Sleeves

NCS Multistage GoPort toe sleeves provide a simple, dependable way to achieve initial formation access for any completion.

Innovus™ Pressure-Actuated Toe Sleeves

Innovus Toe Sleeves are a simple, reliable way to achieve access to the initial formation for pinpoint completions and can also be re-closed using a coiled tubing deployed tool.

Vectraset™ Liner Hanger System

Vectraset™ helps you avoid presets during RIH with recessed slips while multiple slip pads evenly distribute hanging weight to protect casing integrity.

Vecturon™ Liner Hanger System

Vecturon™ is a performance liner hanger that provides flexibility in design and execution.

Casing Float Equipment

Float Equipment is used in the lower section of the well as part of the Shoe Track. It comes in a variety of designs to meet various well and operational requirements. Float Equipment typically refers to Float Collars, Float Shoes and/or Guide Shoes.

Casing Centralizers

NCS Multistage has a variety of casing centralizers available for your well construction projects. We carry solid body, bow spring, stop collars, and The Disrupter® casing oscillation tool.

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