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AirLock G Casing Buoyancy Sub

The AirLock G casing buoyancy sub offers the highest strength and tolerance on the market, covering up to 14,000psi at 400°F when using the 5.5” barrier.

NCS AirLock technology pioneered casing buoyancy in the shale revolution with performance, reliability, and unmatched success. The AirLock G casing buoyancy sub offers the same functionality as our original patented AirLock casing flotation sub that has been run in over 12,000 wells with 99.9% of all jobs landing casing on the first attempt. The sub contains a glass pressure barrier that allows the vertical casing section to be filled with fluid, while the lateral section remains air-filled and buoyant, reducing friction up to 50%.

Operation is simple. The AirLock G casing flotation device is installed in the casing string at a location calculated to provide the optimum balance of lateral buoyancy and vertical fluid weight. After the casing lands, increased surface pressure causes the glass disk to shatter and diffuse into the well fluid, leaving a full-drift ID. Circulation and cementing operations proceed as normal.

The benefits of using AirLock G are reliability, speed, and decreased casing running costs. AirLock G has been proven in all environments, including monobores and long strings in difficult, abrasive formations.

AirLock G Features

All of the features of the legacy AirLock system PLUS:

  • AirLock operation is simple and passive, requires no intervention
  • Section above the airlock sub filled with fluid, air filled section below sub remains buoyant
  • Improved buoyancy allows deeper depth and reduces sliding friction by as much as 50%
  • Sub contains high-strength glass disk pressure seal with shear ring
  • More than 12,000 AirLock systems installed with a success rate over 99%
  • Greater shoe track flexibility
  • Hybrid completion system compatibility
  • Optimized feature for drilling liners and casing installations
  • Calibrated shear ring ensures predictable operations
  • Unrestricted ID after operation
  • Buoyancy sub can be torqued through
  • Industry best performance: 14,000 psi @ 400f
AirLock® G

* In 99.9% of 12,000+ legacy AirLock installations, casing has landed on the first attempt.

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