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Vectraset™ Protects Casing Integrity

Vectraset is a durable, high density hydraulic liner hanger that helps operators avoid presets during RIH with recessed slips.

Vectraset’s premium features ensure trouble-free installation and long-term reliability. Multiple slip pads on the Vectraset liner hanger evenly distribute hanging weight to protect the integrity of the casing.

Vectraset™ Features:

All of the key features of Vecturon™ plus:

  • A one-piece, high-strength mandrel means no hidden connections
  • Two-step actuation sequence prevents unintentional running tool release
  • Pressure is contained within the running tool when setting the hanger slips
  • Prevents surge forces on liner and formation, saving time and displacement fluid
  • Hanger slips are set prior to cementing for maximum reliability (no plug bumping)
  • Large flow area through the set hanger slips facilitates circulation and cementing
  • Features a bonded cover that will not swab off during circulation and cementing
  • A 20-ft floating-seal tieback receptacle is standard
  • Protective multiple slip pads
  • Increased castellations for enhanced engagement
  • Packer element 15,000 psi @ 350f

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