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Corporate Responsibility

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Our Commitment – 2022 ESG Report

We are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions that enable economic, environmental, and safety benefits, and managing our direct environmental and social impacts.

The Promise in Action

Since our founding, we have remained committed to “The Promise”, which continues to guide our relationships with employees, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders, and affirms our commitment to technological advancement, quality, and safety.

These commitments lie at the very core of our business. Through our ESG efforts, we further embrace and uphold The Promise.

Corporate Responsibility

Supporting Our Customers

Our focus is to improve operational efficiency for our customers, providing reliable products and services with repeatable outcomes – maximizing production as safely and efficiently as possible, and reducing the life-of-well environmental impact.

Corporate Responsibility

Supporting Energy Transition

Beyond our traditional markets, we are also applying our technologies and expertise to the geothermal and solution mining industries, areas seeing increased demand as interest in alternative energy sources gains momentum.

Corporate Responsibility

Supporting Our People

Our team of innovative and talented employees is the cornerstone of our success. We have worked to build a culture that encourages teamwork, connections, loyalty, and trust. We are committed to keeping all employees safe.