Multistage Unlimited

65,481 GripShift casing sleeves installed

5,723 wells completed

102,678 frac stages stimulated

93 stages placed in one trip

100 GripShift sleeves in a single well

40 stages completed in 24 hours

3 billion+ pounds of proppant placed

4,186 screenouts resolved without tripping

Maximum TMD to date: 20,526 ft (6,256 m)

Maximum TVD to date: 15,358 ft (4,681m)

Unlimited stages and spacing

High frac rates with less hp

Up to 50% less water

No drillouts

Less environmental impact

Quick recovery from screenouts

No rig-down/rig-up between stages

Precise frac location

Real-time frac-zone pressure

Add stages on the fly

9,938 miles (15,994 km) coiled tubing runs

1,650 fracs in 66 wells in only 67 days

New closable GripShift casing sleeve

The new Multistage Unlimited closable casing sleeve gives you more flexibility when completing a well, managing production, and performing well remediation. Now, you have the option of fracing stages out of sequence, and you can close and reopen selected intervals as needed over the life of the well without having to use a costly workover rig. Read more

The high-efficiency alternative to plug & perf and ball-sleeves

Multistage Unlimited technology is a more efficient and more economical alternative to plug- and-perf and ball-sleeve frac systems, both of which are brute-force methods that bullhead fluids down the casing, with no feedback about formation response at the frac zone, no recourse in the event of a screenout, and no way to manage water and chemical consumption. Both methods do, however, have a huge appetite for pumping horsepower. Read more

Where do the fracs go? The quest for the most efficient field frac network

As unconventional resources development has evolved, it is clear that a key to maximum reservoir drainage is a systematic drilling pattern and an efficient field frac network that achieves maximum connectivity to the formation. This requires as many wells as possible on a given acreage, and as many stages per well as possible, without communication between stages and between wells. To achieve this, frac spacing must be exact and frac dimensions must be uniform.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to achieve either consistent frac spacing or uniform frac volume using plug-and-perforate, currently the most popular method, or with open-hole packers and ball-drop sleeves.

Read more

Quick comparison

14 key comparisons between Multistage Unlimited, plug & perf, and open-hole completions.
Read more

Casing sleeves and annular fracs for fast, efficient completions

The Multistage Unlimited casing sleeve/annular frac system combines resettable frac isolation with our exclusive Grip/Shift casing sleeves to deliver fast, economical, and effective multistage completions. Unlimited stages and spacing, real-time frac-zone pressure, 5 minutes between fracs, and no drillouts. Read more    Watch full video

Half-Straddle option for low-rate fracs

In formations with thin reservoirs and water-bearing zones nearby, it is usually best to complete with a large number of stages and smaller fracs to avoid the water. These smaller fracs—typically 10 bpm or less—can be pumped through the coiled tubing, rather than down the coiled tubing/casing annulus. The Multistage Unlimited Half-Straddle plus casing-sleeve option is ideal for these completions. Read more

New interventionless toe sleeve

The Multistage Unlimited toe sleeve is the surest, simplest way to achieve initial formation access for multistage completions. Its delayed opening sequence allows an extended casing test before initial injection. Read more

Multistage completions using sand-jet perforating

If a well is already cased, Multistage Unlimited Mongoose technology can still provide significant economic, environmental, and operational advantages over plug & perf and ball-sleeve systems. Instead of casing sleeves, the Mongoose system uses sand-jet perforating to gain access to the formation at each stage. Sand-jet perforating works in both horizontal and vertical wellbores, either cemented or uncemented. Read more

New SpotFrac system takes on refrac challenges

The Multistage Unlimited SpotFrac system is the fast, cost-effective way to remediate multistage wells by refracing underperforming zones and by adding new frac stages. Deployed on coiled tubing, the system can perforate, isolate, and stimulate multiple stages in a single trip. Read more

AirLock buoyancy system helps land horizontal casing

The simple and passive AirLock™ system facilitates landing casing strings in horizontal wells, at nominal cost and without altering casing and cementing operations. Read more

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