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Oilfield Services

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We’re a Global Oilfield Services Company

NCS Multistage is an oilfield services company that helps operators boost production, extend well life, and simplify operations. We’re also more than that.

Our oilfield services are designed to cover all phases of oilfield development and production from preliminary project planning to post-job analytics. We also offer well diagnostics services and data modeling to help you visualize how each of your wells contribute to you bottom line. We focus on the tools, installation and reporting so that you can focus on profitability and job safety while maintaining operational efficiency.

Fracturing Systems

Innovative tools, training and technology that improve your fracturing stimulations.

Well Construction

We’ll help you build the most reliable and cost effective wells in the energy industry.

Tracer Diagnostics

We identify the most important variables that have an impact on your well performance.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Extract maximum value and extended longevity from your wells with enhanced recovery.

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