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Making a Difference

We’re continually working to innovate and make a difference, and that difference is our people.

We Are Advisors

We are trusted advisors and have a passion for results.

We Are Agile

We listen to understand needs and execute efficiently.

We Are Innovators

We design solutions to solve problems in our industry.

We Are Precise

Our solutions are tailored to meet your specifications.

Our Customers

Saudi AramcoSaudi Aramco

One Source. Many Solutions.

NCS Multistage manufactures solutions for all stages of energy production.

We provide the most innovative, tested, and reliable solutions for the most demanding applications.

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Setting Standards

Our experience and love for innovation converge in a consistent effort to set new industry standards.

  • 105 Issued Patents
  • 307,661 Sleeves Stimulated
  • 260 Sleeves in a Single Job
  • 99.5% Shift Frac Close Rate
Wells Traced
Screenouts Managed
Lbs of Proppant Placed
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